psalm 139 remix

psalm 139Over the weekend I was in Lawrence, Kansas for the board meetings of BMC, an organization that works to create an inclusive Mennonite (and Brethren) church and to make safe spaces for LGBTQA Mennonites and Brethren.

On Friday evening the pastor of Peace Mennonite (the incomparable Joanna Harader) led us in reflection and prayer on the work and mission of BMC and our supporting congregations. At the end of the evening, we wrote our prayers in hands traced on cardstock, and then we surrounded them with words from Psalm 139. This is mine.

Later in the evening, alone with my thoughts in the home of a gracious Peace Mennonite host, I returned again to Psalm 139 and made a remix, taking my favorite words from the Psalm and rearranged them into something new:

praise night, bright wonderfully

and the farthest presence of morning light.

my ways searched,

and before word

and behind spirit

i am.

ascend the sea to heaven.

settle your hand together.

sit down.

rise up.